Viticci ai funghi...

... or the worst To-Do app I ever tried!

When Federico Viticci (@viticci) speaks in favore of an app (even if this app is the native iOS Twitter client) I listen carefully and most of the time his comments are spot on. So, listening to an old episode of Connected podcast, I was surprised to hear the name of yet another To-Do app that even the grand daddy of productivity paraphernalia (Merlin Mann) never mentioned before (at least I do not recollect such an event). The app of course is Todoist. I also spent almost 30 of the Greek-European worthless coins for in-app purchase - just because my believe in Federico was so unshaken. As it turned out, it would make more sense to spend my coins on Zimbabwean state bonds!


My suspicion started razing when I read from the app description "Join the 4 million+ people around the world who are accomplishing amazing things with Todoist..." and minutes after I signed in I got this email:

So, the average accomplished Todoist user managed 50- tasks in his or her accomplished life! Wow! These are less tasks than my long gone grandfather managed in his notebook when he was well over 90 years old and his life looked way simpler without internet and Todoist!

What made me real follower of the Todoist church was the following email.

Wow! "Karma Trend"! So, now because I am using Todoist, I managed to accomplished a bit of fancy karma - not as much as my fellow accomplished 50- taskers, but just enough to be a karma beginner!

To mix the karma with adrenalin - I discovered the app settings, where one can change colours and other inessential thinks and significantly influence once personal karma. I like opinionated apps, even if I do not like their author's opinions. And what makes me really angry is the feeling (based on 30+ years experience as developer) that the folks at Todoist wasted perhaps as much developer resources on karma and app themes as on task management.

So, until Federico is looking for another To-Do app I am switching back to karma-less Omni Focus. And my advice to Federico: "When next time you order a wonderful portion of fettuccine ai funghi please eat the mushrooms instead of smoking them!"