John Oliver listens to John Siracusa

Either this is a happy coincident, or John Oliver is really listening carefully the Accidental  Tech Podcast, where most notably John Siracusa is expressing his outrage about frequent cases of insane female harassment by their male, testosterone overloaded colleagues. In any case I was extremely happy to watch John Oliver's comments on the subject.

It is not possible to have a good functioning society if one gender is dominant. It is not possible to have also a good functioning enterprise, or for that matter - government, organisation of any kind, or even - a family, if one of the genders is in any way suppresses.

Contrary to John and John I believe this matter will not disappear by talking it over. Action, concrete action, is needed. In my case - in my (software) company 70% of my colleagues are female. This is not because I would like to reach some social quotas. Nope. We are mostly in the financial and banking business, and although my male colleagues are able to produce occasional fireworks of excellency, with their reliability and super correctness my female colleagues ware delivering year after year, exactly on the promised day, the well tested, solid software update.

In our colourful society there is a plenty of room for everyone. The strength of the modern internet industry too is because we, female and male programers, are giving our best to move the entire sector forwards. Yes, we are different, but we contribute equally to the march of the technology!